Have you ever sat down and imagined a world without pictures? Yes, that is a horrifying thought! At the rate we click picture today, we would easily have at least a million pictures by the time we reach 70! Think of the number of pictures taken of a new born baby on the first day. It very likely that a new born baby boy will have more pictures of himself on his first day in this world, compared to the average number of pictures his grandmother has during her lifetime!
Today most of us are self-proclaimed photographers, and why not? I mean we do have a pretty good camera built into our mobiles. However, just the way every field has its experts, the field of photography is not any different. Photography is not about taking random pictures and uploading them on social media. Professional photographer’s like any other professionals, have specialised in a specific area in their field. Photography encompasses a wide area of specialisation. It includes: Nature photography, Sports photography, Underwater photography, Night photography etcetera. Read below to get an idea of some the various styles of photography and you can determine which photograher profile that you fit in.
New Born Photography
Photographers capturing stills of new born babies (during the first two weeks of the child’s birth), have a knack in clicking the perfect pictures. After all you will never come across a professionally taken picture of a new born that doesn’t tug your heart strings.
Wildlife Photography
A wildlife photographer is nothing less than a daredevil since wildlife photography requires the photographer to patiently wait for the perfect moment, all the while unsure of his safety. The results needles to say are stunning!
Wedding Photography
Just like a wildlife photographer needs to stay patient while capuring perfect shots, so does the wedding photographer. The only difference is that the former photographer fears the lion and the latter, the bride! Recent wedding photography includes dramatic pre-wedding shoots along with the actual wedding day shoots.
This photography is a bit different from the rest as it consists of a microscpe with camera mounts so as to be able to capture tiny subjects. It allows us to view subjects that wouldn’t be possible to be seen with thenaked eye.
Maternity Photographer
Maternity Photographers either shoot an expectant mother for a day or over the period of the woman’s pregnancy. These kind of photographers do an amazing job in helping women understand and believe that their bodies are beautiful even when it stretches to an astonishing limit.
Travel Photography
Many people think that travel photographers live the best life! After all they are paid to travel the world. However, travel photographery doesn’t involve capturing scenic areas around town while sipping a margarita. Rather, the pictures captured by a travel photographer tell a story, a story about the the way the people live, their culture and history.
Time Lapse
This photography is seriously spectacular to say the least. It involves capturing the same subject over a period of time, which is when put together seems like the time is moving by quickly(lapsing).
Past and Present
Photography ‘Timeless’ is the only word to explain this type of photography. This photographer captures the beauty of the past subject and compares it with the present. This makes for beautiful end result.
The above are just a few areas of photography. Professional photographers may be an expert in more than one area of photography. I deliberately emphasis on the the term ‘professional’ photographer because as mentioned before, we love taking pictures be it selfies or otherwise. We need to understand that each area requires certain knowledge and experience inorder to capture the perfect picture