We live in a virtual world and it’s pretty awesome. The best that we can do is make sure to take advantage of something this amazing. And in a world where we have social networking profiles which let pretty much everyone know what we had for dinner last night, why not grant them access something more important, like your photograph portfolio. Today online photograph portfolios allow you to communicate with clients from anywhere around the world. Check out this list of the Top 6 Online Portfolio Building Sites.

6. Krop

The great thing about Krop is that it is free! And one of the top free website builders as well. It is a great option for those who are not ready to pay for this service until they have tried it out themselves. Krop grants only paid subscriber to view your database. And if you wish to share your portfolio with non-members, that’s okay too! Additionally, it has a job posting feature that will guarantee work visibility to the top shots that are in search of new talent.

5. Format

A favorite amongst its users, it provides an efficient management experience while handling your pictures. The touch experience being perfect, it works amazingly well on your mobile unlike most website builders. Format offers three plans that you can choose from. They are: Basic, Professional and Agency.

4. Virb

Most website builders promise to allow you to ‘customize’ your website. However this customization is limited. What Virb does is that it lets you decide exactly what your website is going to look like. And if you are a social media person, you will be happy to know that all your accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr etcetera can easily be linked together.

3. Zenfolio

Zenfolio not only allows its users to customize their website but gives them control of the graphical components on the website as well. An unlimited amount of storage space is a no-brainer when it comes to attracting customers and this is just what Zenfolio provides you with. Additional features help the user adjust image viewing to make it a better experience for the viewers.

2. Squarespace

Very famous and well known, Squarespace is total photographer friendly website builder. Since it’s a paid website, for the convenience of photographers it allows a free 14 day trial period. New users are given an opportunity to go about building their portfolio website smoothly and customize it as well with various fonts, colors, layouts etcetera.

1. Photoshelter

At the top spot is the website builder – Photoshelter. Even though it is a paid website builder, the fee charged by Photoshelter is lower as compared to the other website builders. Cloud storage allows users to access it at any time of the day, where they may be. A feature unique to this website builder is that it allows users to privately share their photo gallery to certain clients if required. And so it isn’t a surprise that most of the famous photographers have a profile on Photoshelter.

An important point you need to consider is your portfolio viewing experience by prospective clients. The easier it is for them to look through your portfolio, the better are your chance of gaining recognition for your work. What are you waiting for? Get started already!